We Add Value

Chordip specializes in fast-track product development involving complex chemistries like fluorination, acetylinics, organometallics and pyridine derivatives, but chemical expertise and speed are just part of what makes Chordip unique.

We believe that product development should add value to your finished product. To that end, we have developed a versatile manufacturing capability in Russia, staffed by skilled chemists and engineers.

  In addition, Chordip's expertise gives secure access to production and synthesis facilities in Russia and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) for sourcing speciality and fine chemicals for products not covered by its own product portfolio or outside of its expertise or own production capability.

We maintain a fully staffed office in central Moscow, employing a highly professional team of experienced managers, chemists, linguists and logistics experts ensuring efficiency and reliability.

We can also offer access to excellent contract manufacturing resources across Europe and the United States.

The result redefines efficiency and speed in process development, and that can add substantial value to your new product development efforts.


Reliable, Cost-Effective Scale Up

We can supply laboratory-scale quantities quickly for evaluation purposes, and we’re experts at fast, efficient process development and scale-up. That’s why leading chemical companies worldwide have relied on Chordip product development assistance and product sourcing since the 1980's.


Fine Chemistry’s Problem Solvers

Over the years, Chordip has become known for creative, cost-effective solutions to difficult chemical and product development problems. How may we help you?